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Managed Print Services

How do you define MPS?

When you say “Managed Print Services” or “MPS” many people have a different idea of what MPS is or the problems it solves. A company’s objective for evaluating and implementing an MPS solution may include one or many objectives:

  • Fleet reduction and/or standardization
  • Improved service levels
  • Improved document secuirty
  • Reducing their enviromental impact
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Reduction in print volumes
  • Reducing burden on IT Resources
  • Improved workflows/access to documents
  • Better cost visibility/cost controls
  • Cost Reduction


What can MPS help with?

Find out how a managed print solution can address these issues in your organisation as well as issues and challeges related to secuirtiy and regulatory compliance, support for a growing mobile workforce and other document and data driven processes.

  • Frustrations with the growing number devices in their fleet and the lack of resources or tool to manage them efficiently
  • The growing burden on IT to do more with less and an increasing amount of time spent on printer and copier related support issues
  • Dissatisfaction with slow and inconsistent service response causing too much downtime, disruption to business and lost productivity
  • Concerns with escalating colour costs and the impact it is having on budgets
  • Complexities and inefficiencies with a decentralized environment when it comes to printer and/or supply purchases with no set device standards
  • Unnecessary dollars tied up in supplies inventory/inventory carrying costs

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