Print Management

Print Management

Whatever you want to print or copy, LaserChange can help you do it easier, faster and less expensive than ever before! Our great combination of printers, services, supplies, and solutions work together to help you get your job done exactly the way you want it. With our experience we provide a winning combination of low prices, industry knowledge and excellent service to clients. LaserChange has been proudly supporting all types of business for over 23 years. These include leading companies in the legal, accounting, finance, education, property, retail and transportation industries.

LaserChange's people and Managed Print Solutions make it easier for companies of all sizes to maximize, manage and improve their uncontrolled printing and imaging environment - while significantly reducing cost and improving productivity.

Print Management

Do you know your true cost per page? Are you tracking and reporting monthly device usage? Do you have a Document Strategy? With the convergence of multifunction printers there are new opportunities for companies of all sizes to significantly reduce costs and improve productivity. LaserChange integrates new Printers & MFP? s with existing fleets into our unique Printer Management Program for the best overall value.


Printer Management Program

Already buying Printer toners for your business? Simply purchase your toner from Laserchange and we will provide you with a brand new laser printer or copier including full service & parts all for the price of a toner cartridge*.

*Terms and condtions apply. To Approved clients only. Based on an agreement of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

Finance Options

Cost per Print

LaserChange will manage, service, and supply your entire existing printer fleet for a single flat fee* Our expertise in printer service, printer repair and printer consumable supplies can lower your existing printer total cost of ownership (TCO).

LaserChange can bring the latest technology featuring low total cost of operation with reduced environmental impact. These products include, copiers, multifunction devices, mono lasers, and color laser printers.

Cost per Toner

This unique program offers device management, maintenance, service, and toner supply for your entire existing printer fleet plus an option to add new devices into your current fleet* You can enjoy a single flat fee and never worry about obsolescence again.

Rental/Operating Lease

This lease will never hit your balance sheet. Our off balance sheet, printer lease can keep your company in the latest and greatest of printing technology while supplying you with nationwide printer maintenance*. We will keep your new copiers, multifunction devices, black and white lasers, and color lasers in the peak of operating condition. Let us help with your printer lease, color laser lease, and your multifunction printer lease.

Already have an Existing Rental?

Not a problem. We can absolve and/or consolidate existing printer/copier/multifunction printer Rentals. Allow LaserChange to create a new master rental for your business. We will retire your obsolete printing devices and reduce your total cost of operations*.


If you would like the value of the goods to be shown on your balance sheet less depreciation then this is for you.*.This business Finance agreement covers the useful life of the asset and is based on you guaranteeing the residual value of the leased asset at the end of the term. The future rentals are shown as a liability.


LaserChange provides straight purchase opportunities. You can buy direct from us, we can still supply the nationwide printer maintenance, parts, and printer consumables in any manner you desire.

*Terms and conditions apply. To Approved clients only. Based on an agreement of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

Why LaserChange & HP?

We have partnered with the worldwide leader in output, Hewlett Packard, to offer the best printers and MFP's available today. We have added our own focus on service and supplies to deliver HP solutions for less. The cost of a product is more than just the box price. HP and LaserChange deliver consistent reliability, quality and hassle-free operation on your network page after page that add up to real significant savings over time. HP and LaserChange value our Environment vigilantly Recycling, Reusing and Reducing whenever and where we can.